How To Jumpstart Your Hobby As A Photographer

January 22, 2018

When you start taking photography more seriously, your perspective on images shifts drastically from a mere casual approach toward a more controlled one. Slowly, your vision and routine changes and you find yourself chasing great opportunities to capture the perfect shot. You become more concerned about lighting and recreating your photos than the number of pictures you can take in one day.

If you are absolutely drawn to the world of photography and want to take your skills to better heights, here are some handy tips to help you get there:

Take notes

Whether you keep a physical notebook or a digital one, it helps to jot down details of your memoirs. If you’re doing street photography, write down your creative ideas with regards to the type of subject you would want to shoot.

For example, if you want to shoot people, what is it about them you would like to capture? Their expressions? Their actions? For some, writing down notes might not be so useful, but in the long run, it helps to know the story or little details behind a picture.

Practice a lot

In writing, you have to read a lot and write a lot in order to become a better writer. When it comes to photography, you need to keep shooting as often as possible until it has become part of your routine. This will help you gain confidence in the long run. Don’t think about getting things right or capturing plenty of photos. Shoot as consistently and as frequently as you could, after all, practice makes perfect!

Challenge yourself

If you stay in a studio or stick to indoor shooting, you won’t gain as much exposure as you should. You can sharpen your techniques and broaden your experience by shooting in different conditions. Using your notebook, take down notes of what you learn or how you are progressing.

Set goals

You got into photography most probably for the art. However, as your passion grew, so did your overall ambition to achieve a more profound approach. In order to improve, you need to set goals—no matter how small—in order to guide you toward achieving your ultimate vision.

Ask questions

As a hobbyist, being exposed to the right people can help a lot. Meeting other photographers or enthusiasts can boost your motivation especially as you learn new things from them. As a beginner, it’s best to ask as many questions as you can and let it be your way of educating yourself thru various perspectives.


With readily available resources online, there’s nothing you can’t possibly learn by just reading. Check out relevant blogs, articles, and forums to help you get an idea of what the latest trends are, what other hobbyists are thinking, or general tidbits on the field of photography.

Choose your equipment wisely

Don’t get ahead of yourself and buy all the equipment you think you might need. This is one of the most common mistakes hobbyists do. Make sure to do your research well before purchasing your gear. You might need to know the difference between using a DSLR and a mirrorless camera before you make any hasty decisions. You can invest on the camera itself but build your lens collection when you’ve already mastered your techniques.

Ultimately, you will learn to deviate from your old habits and acquire a more steady and professional speed. Until then, never stop learning, don’t be shy, and keep practicing.

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